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Bad Balls Spin,Balls,Sling App Download

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The description of Bad Balls

✸ BadBalls is a sling game, balls, spin win,
✸ Play spin to win diamonds earn money for
✸ to release the balls, release the whole team of balls
✸ spin helps you earn money at the same time

✸ Use the sling throw the balls at the enemy
✸ Destroy everything in the level to get 3 stars secured as
✸ get 3 stars in each level to unlock the next realm
✸ a land consists of 200 light and heavy levels

Bad Balls Spin,Balls,Sling App Mod
Bad Balls Spin,Balls,Sling App Mod
Bad Balls Spin,Balls,Sling App Mod

✸ Use diamonds to buy spins, chips, wheel spins, bombs
✸ Use the chips to play at the casino guess the card at the casino to win money
✸ With spins play the machine and increase the level to be rewarded
✸ Use the Wheel of Fortune to try to make easy money
✸ With the bombs you will have to destroy the heavy levels otherwise you will not be able to pass

✸The Bad Balls team has been captured and sold to merchants and you will have to
✸release it with money and release the lands captured by the enemies
✸After releasing the lands captured by the enemies you will reach the land of the enemy
✸Train your shot skills sling, win, spin, release balls

✸ Functions

✔ Spin Slots
✔ Casino
✔ Spin Wheel
✔ System Star level
✔ Reward Level Spin
✔ Reward Spin per Hour
✔ System Bomb


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