Beat Blade Dash Dance Apk+Mod Unlocked

Beat Blade Dash Dance Apk Mod Download

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Beat Blade is a casual music runner game with beautiful neon levels and hit songs from the year 2020.
You can slash the blocks and avoid the traps with just one thumb to control the character and enter the end of the color lane.

Beat Blade App is defined as follows:

WOW! Athlete + music + rhythm + saber

Playing Instructions:

Simply pick your favorite tune, hold and drag your saber character, and slash the dot blocks to the beat.
Please do not tap!
This isn’t a game like Tap Tap.

Beat Blade Dash Dance Apk Mod Unlocked
Beat Blade Dash Dance Apk Mod Unlocked
Beat Blade Dash Dance Apk Mod Unlocked

Features to look for:

  1. Every road has an incredible color and lighting design.
  2. A diverse array of popular songs, including EDM, Hip Hop, KPOP, Dance, and Piano.
  3. Block slashing effects that are satisfying
  4. Log in with your Facebook account and sync your progress through all of your devices.

Less is better.

2021-02-29 Update for Beat Blade App 2.2.2

Updates include:

  1. Spike Smasher is now available in the game.
    Spike Smasher will now be used to remove spikes.
  2. A single spike can be killed by a single Spike Smasher.
    There is no longer any fear of death.
  3. New levels have been introduced
  4. Season 2 will be published shortly.
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