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Big Big Baller Apk Mod

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Big Big Baller – One day there was a small ball rolling in the city and it grew bigger every time it crushed something. And then it became increasingly huge and unstoppable. The ball feels very interesting and the journey destroys everything that appears before it begins. Actually, this is just a plot of a Lion Studios release.

Big Big Baller Apk Mod
Where Am I? In a city?
Big Big Baller allows you to control a small ball at the beginning of the game and then make your journey. This game has been very popular in casual games for the past few years. The leader in this genre of gaming is none other than Voodoo, with a lot of products coming out. Lion Studios is not weak when they have a lot of casual games released for free on Google Play. This new game has reached over one million downloads on this prestigious Google application.

Roll over and crush everything

If you have a little interest in io game will find its gameplay is extremely simple. The player controls a character and begins his mission. The point of this type of game is that your power can grow to infinity. Destroying your opponents makes the character’s speed surge rapidly. But everything is fair. If you want to kill them without being careful, then you can be defeated by the opponent. In this game there is no tolerance, you have only one life.

Big Big Baller Apk Mod
Big Big Baller is a game that allows the player to control a huge ball. But when you start out you’re just a little ball. So let’s focus on making ourselves bigger by destroying the targets already on the map. Cars, people, furniture and then the building if you’re big enough. The game ends when the countdown ends. Whoever gets the most points, the biggest winner will be the winner. So in addition to collecting objects, pay attention to the pursuit and kill the smaller opponents to become great.

From the publisher of Happy Glass, Love Balls…

Graphics in the game are also extremely noticeable and for players when they will be controlling a ball with full 3D graphics. The ball will spread throughout the large map in a certain amount of time. The human landscape and obstacles are designed in such a way for young lovers to have the smoothest experience on their device. In addition, if you want to enjoy the casual games category can access the homepage or Google Play store to download.

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