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Carrier Landings App Mod Unlocked

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The depiction of Carrier Landings

Setting down on a plane carrying warship is one of the most troublesome undertakings a pilot needs to execute. The flight deck is just 150 meters in length, barely to stop the airplane.
Acknowledge the demand, take on more than thirty missions on the planet’s generally perilous and terrific situations and join the best Top-Gun pilots.
Take control, move into the sensible 3D cockpits and fly the most well known military airplanes, loyally recreated.
Surpass your cutoff points and get the greatness in every one of the 90 drawing in difficulties!
Find the REAL WORLD TECHNOLOGY and start presently to design your flight!
Overall NAVIGATION and FLIGHT PLAN with 500+ precise AIRPORTS, DAY&NIGHT CYCLE, REALTIME METAR climate conditions, AIR SPACES CARTOGRAPHY with more than 8,000 WAYPOINTS.
Evaluate the most recent development of the RORTOS flight framework, effectively valued by a great many clients around the globe: exceptional illustrations, practical climate conditions and a REPLAY work that lets you audit your flight moves.
For a considerably all the more exciting experience, associate two gadgets on the web and actuate the multi-screen mode.

Carrier Landings App Mod Unlocked
Carrier Landings App Mod Unlocked
Carrier Landings App Mod Unlocked


  • Game mission with 6 preparing missions and 30 missions in 5 distinct situations (4 availables for procurement)
  • WORLDWIDE TERRAIN AND NAVIGATION SYSTEM (availables for procurement)
  • 90 connecting with difficulties (72 accessible to purchase)
  • Free trip with decision of climate conditions and time
  • Landing rivalries with overall positioning
  • Multi-camera Replay with dynamic CINEMA see
  • Aircraft transporter arrivals, airbase arrivals and crisis arrivals
  • Take-off, practice, moves, recon and trips in development with a flight direct
  • Vertical take-off and landing (F35B Lightning II, AV-8B Harrier II)
  • In-flight refuel
  • More sensible extraordinary conditions with wind, downpour, day off lightning
  • 3D virtual cockpit with incorporated instrumentation, downpour/snow impacts and 6 diverse camera points
    visual points of view
  • Radar with runway and plane carrying warship direction
  • Realistic fuel utilization
  • Approach framework I.F.L.O.L.S.
  • Radio correspondence
  • REMOTE CONTROL: you can associate two gadgets and utilize one of them like a controller with a total instrumentation see
  • F/A-18 Super Hornet
  • F-14 Super Tomcat [available with Canyon]
  • C-2A Greyhound [available with Arctic]
  • F-16 Fighting Falcon [available with Canyon]
  • AV-8B Harrier II (vertical) [available with Arctic]
  • F35B Lightning II (vertical) [available with Arcs]
  • MiG-29K Fulcrum [available with Volcano]
  • F4E Phantom II [available with Volcano]
  • A-6 Intruder [available with Arctic]
  • A-7 Corsair II [available with Arcs]
  • F-22 Raptor [available with Flight Simulator]
  • SU-47 Berkut [available with Flight Simulator]
  • C-130 Hercules [available for purchase]
  • EF Typhoon [available for purchase]
  • Dassault Rafale [available for purchase]
  • Islands
  • Canyon [available for purchase]
  • Arctic [available for purchase]
  • Arcs [available for purchase]
  • Volcano [available for purchase]
  • Flight Simulator [available for purchase]

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