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Chaos LordsStronghold Kingdom – Medieval RPG App Mod Download

Size: 5.27 MB | Version: v1.18.0| File Type: APP | System: Android

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The portrayal of Chaos Lords

Bedlam Lords: Stronghold Kingdom – Medieval RPG War is a pretend game about rulers, army, line champions, societies and saints, which was created for the individuals who appreciate turn based rpg and methodologies. Players submerge themselves in mysterious climate of bygone eras, epic battles between tribes for fortifications, when masters and knights develop domains, plunder and battle the militaries of foe realms in PvP mode, guard armies and illustrious manors from confusion and eliminate may, dark enchantment spells.

About the game

The objective of our archaic strategic pretend game is to turn into a ruler, develop domain and vanquish every one of rulers’ properties by winning fights with administration heroes for bastions.
The activity happens in a dreamland called Tartesia, which is brimming with might, wizardry, secrets and threats. You will appreciate missions with energizing storylines and distinctive illustrious characters, epic online fights with beasts and attacks of mansions. Investigate the realms of Tartesia and recall that lone genuine lords can battle malevolence and break attacks of fortresses!
To battle adversaries, you need to construct your archaic fortifications and posts, improve existing bastions, update organizations and legends, furnish your military with blades, shields, covering, sabers and crossbows!

Chaos Lords App Mod Unlocked
Chaos Lords App Mod Unlocked
Chaos Lords App Mod Unlocked


⚒ Endless customization

Redo an immense number of organizations and legends: fighters, line champions, unions, beasts, masters and knights. Our pretend game likewise has an exceptional aptitude tree, that permits you to attempt distinctive strategic blends and create one of a kind turn based systems.
⚒ Countless RPG missions, mansions, prisons and domains
There is an enormous number of game modes in our strategic turn based methodology: PvP group battles in secretive terrains and prisons, turn based PvE missions, journeys, battles with adversaries, may, dark wizardry, malevolence and bedlam, just as attacks of unfamiliar lords’ domain, fortifications, manors and posts. Each and every RGP game mode adds to the obtaining of gaming experience, shields, adornments and uncommon thing cultivating. Players have imperial characters available to them, including armies, beasts of dimness, respectable rulers and fearless knights.
⚒ Confrontation with genuine foes and regal army of obscurity
You figure you will have an easygoing RPG rival for one fight? Not in Tartesia! Our arrangement of societies, saints and coalitions is for the individuals who like genuine battles against insidiousness and turmoil!
⚒ Equipment and Weapons
You should make a decent attempt to gather great reinforcement, shields and at any rate one bunch of unbelievable hardware, since they will cost a ton of cash, yet they merit purchasing.
⚒ Different and Terrifying
In our pretend technique various beasts will attempt to damage and plunder your regal terrains and realm, and every one of them has an interesting arrangement of aptitudes, exceptional strategies of attacking adversaries and leading epic battles with obscurity in PvP mode. In the event that you figure out how to thoroughly consider the correct fight strategies, it will be anything but difficult to take up arms between tribes just as to battle and plunder beasts, gnolls, unions of dull knights and entertainers!
⚒ Prizes, Gold and Loot
While finishing missions in our strategic pretend game, you will open gold chests in prisons and spend the gold on updates, purchasing an iron seat and a seat made of gold, just as shields for troopers and the military.
🔶 Tactical turn based pretending procedure;
🔶 Wars between tribes, epic fights against fiendishness and disarray;
🔶 You are the Lord of the iron seat dreaming to develop realm and vanquish different realms;
🔶 Countless dream RPG missions in PvP mode: overhaul tradition fighters, officers, armed force and domain;
🔶 Build your middle age domain fortification, stronghold, fortress and prisons;
🔶 Unique arrangement of organizations and legends for those players who appreciate battling against gnolls;
🔶 Improve domain, posts and strongholds, weapons and gear – covering, blades, sabers and crossbows;
🔶 Various armies, coalitions, attack and battle strategies;
🔶 Fantasy universe of Tartesia brimming with obscurity, lands, evil, may, dark enchantment and threats.

Tumult Lords 1.18.0 Update


Tumult Lords update:

  • Power balance upgrades for Heroes and Soldiers
  • Grind mode revamp
  • Soul Stones enconomy changes.
  • Simplification of Markets framework
  • Rewards changes
  • New weaknesses framework for group’s
  • You would now be able to sell basic residue!
  • Unification of workers
  • Many different upgrades and fixes
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