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Cubo Adventure Block Puzzle Apk+Mod Unlocked

Cubo Adventure Block Puzzle Apk Mod Download

Size: 5.47 MB | Version: v1.2.9.42| File Type: APK | System: Android

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Cubo App is defined as follows:

Cubo’s Adventure is a block puzzle game for the next generation.
This free game will test your puzzle skills while also exercising your brain.

In this cubelicious puzzle game, draw puzzle blocks and simple lines to advance to the next level for that cubetastic feeling!
Solve puzzles quickly and logically, and you’ll be rewarded with massive combos as the lines are blasted into several mini cubes!
When you discover new ways to draw shapes, your brain will be challenged.

Cubo Adventure Block Puzzle Apk Mod Unlocked
Cubo Adventure Block Puzzle Apk Mod Unlocked
Cubo Adventure Block Puzzle Apk Mod Unlocked

On the board, each form has a certain number of blocks and turns to draw. Make a shape on the board and draw it. If you align the blocks in a vertical or horizontal line, the line will be cleared and you will be rewarded with points. Choose your moves carefully; if you are unable to draw the shape, you will lose the game. To get major prizes and new high scores, clear several lines at once or match colors.

Infinite Mode: – Levels are created at random and become increasingly difficult.

  • Set a goal for yourself and strive to achieve the highest possible score!
  • You will see how you compare to the rest of the world on regular, weekly, and all-time leaderboards!

There are two exciting modes in this game: story mode and multiplayer mode.

  • Unlock new mechanics as you progress through the stages.
  • Each chapter has its own theme and collection of problems to solve!
  • Get three stars if you master each stage!
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