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Welcome to Cyber Era! is the definition of the Cyber Era App.
The story is set in a dystopian cyberpunk world in which humanity is fighting AI attacks, crime syndicates, and greedy megacorporations. You must restore order to society as the Overseer of your own cyber-city, study both modern and forgotten technology, and prepare an army of future soldiers to defend your civilization. Assemble legendary heroes, hone their special skills, and take on the challenge of rogue Artificial Intelligence! In this thrilling Cyberpunk world, defend humanity’s future!

Build your Cyber-city.
Assume the position of Overseer and take command of your cyber-city. Collect rare resources, play free-build mode, and train the most powerful soldiers! Prepare to battle powers of Artificial Intelligence! Use our exclusive “zoom” function to instantly leave your city and go to the world map.
Army movements are unregulated.
On the world map, enjoy unregulated army movements! To defeat the enemy, unite your army with allies. To locate and protect rare resource facilities, battle the AI and Apex powers on your own terms. Use different Heroes to command different groups of troops at the same time!

Cyber Era Apk Mod Unlocked
Cyber Era Apk Mod Unlocked
Cyber Era Apk Mod Unlocked

AI Fights in Real-Time
On a complex world map, AI fights take place in real time. At any time, you can send your troops to join the war or abandon it. Has a powerful player targeted your ally with the intent of stealing their resources? So, what exactly are you waiting for? Send your troops to your friend’s aid! Plan a surprise nighttime counterattack with your allies to catch your adversary off guard!
On the world map, seek and conquer.
Investigate the elusive world of Cyber Age. On the world map, expand your territories. To gain entry to new, more lucrative areas, defeat enemy Gates. The more you learn, the more opportunities you’ll discover. Take control of Apex Headquarters and demonstrate your dominance to the rest of the world.

Heroes of RPG Command
Hundreds of legendary heroes from seven different factions are waiting to serve you! Each of them has a distinct backstory. Assemble legendary heroes and use ability trees and talent trees to help them achieve their full potential. Mix your heroes and form powerful teams to combat a mysterious AI threat in an exciting campaign!
Join the Mega.Corp with your colleagues.
Create your own MegaCorp and join forces with your pals. Find allies in the Cyber-Era world!

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