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The description of Gaia Odyssey

Ho, ho, ho~ Merry Christmas!! In conjunction with this festive season, a series of celebrating events will be taking place in Gaia Odyssey, both online and offline! No event is complete without rewards, so of course we have prepared tons of them for you. You wouldn’t want to miss this – follow our official Facebook page to stay updated with our latest news! This Christmas, all we want is you!
New Content:
I. Spirit Realm
II. Spirit Excl. Arms
III. Star Map System

[Gaia Odyssey] is a 3D action RPG that gives you a mission to save an entire kingdom.

[Gaia Odyssey] is a magical ARPG with a huge worldview and rich content featuring diverse dungeons and a classic PVP experience. As an ARPG game, it can’t go without magnificent scenes and cool effects which give players a highly immersive gaming experience like never before.
Awaken your brave soul and save the world!

Here, you will complete a series of quests and challenges as the most gifted warrior in the kingdom. During this adventurous journey, you will encounter different races of demonic beasts, make contracts with your very own spirits, acquire powerful weapons, match different skills to continuously increase your strength, fight with the powerful dark forces and become the strongest on the continent, save the torn country, and write your fantasy adventure story.
Pick up your weapon and fight a spirited battle!

[Gorgeous Scenes Stunning Effects]
With bright colors and superb sound effects, every scene is meticulously designed. The skill effects are so cool that there’s no lag even when you set its graphics to the highest quality.

Gaia Odyssey Apk Mod Unlocked
Gaia Odyssey Apk Mod Unlocked
Gaia Odyssey Apk Mod Unlocked

[Challenge Yourself Keep Fighting]

PVP fights can occur at whatever point and any place you need. It is safe to say that you will arrive at higher in the Ranked Match or battle to turn into a lord in the sanctuary? Beat your rivals and substantiate yourself commendable! You can even have an organization fight with your society individuals. Welcome your companions to battle together at this point!

[Exceptional Graphics, High-quality Sound]

Its cute Japanese anime-styled designs, and merry and happy audio cues will set you feeling useful for the entire day!

[Sweet Oath Exclusive Party]

It’s all consuming, instant adoration! At the point when you meet the one you love, make them to the sentimental Vow Hall. Make a deep rooted guarantee, dance a three step dance of affection, and let your romantic tale be seen by your loved ones. You can cooperate with your darling in a better time route here, even with the capacity of kissing and embracing them. There are even selective stuff that give buffs to couples!

[Free Combination Unique Costumes]

An assortment of outfits, weapons and hairdos can be uninhibitedly coordinated to make an interesting you. Charming little dresses, honorable outfits, tyrannical weapon looks…… an alternate look every day!

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