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Gemstone Legends is a free, high dream versatile RPG, in which we can likewise discover mechanics trademark for consistent creations (Puzzle RPG). The title permits players to amass a group of legends and afterward investigate the perilous hidden world, battle beasts and gather important fortunes. The Polish autonomous group One More Game Studio is answerable for its turn of events and delivery (the organization is known for making Animatch Friends).


The move of the game makes place on the planet known as Chrono Realm. Because of obscure conditions, the universe is unexpectedly near the very edge of fiasco, with amazing dull wizardry breaking crazy and planting devastation. Just daring legends can stop the danger…


The fun in Gemstone Legends is to amass a group of saints and afterward investigate an open world loaded with hazardous prisons and beasts. Players have available to them various shifted, strangely planned characters – more legends are gotten by picking up looks during the game.

The battles were acknowledged thus based framework, which contains components of a consistent game (to guarantee the force utilized during assaults, we need to tackle puzzles comprising in coordinating hued gems). The method of demonstrating conflicts is somewhat similar to games. In the game you will locate an extensive inventory of different sorts of rivals, requiring the utilization of various strategies. It is vital that the capacities of individual legends are utilized appropriately.

As the game advances, we build up the aptitudes of our legends and get new gear that permits us to confront more troublesome difficulties.

Gemstone Legends 2021 App Mod Unlocked
Gemstone Legends 2021 App Mod Unlocked
Gemstone Legends 2021 App Mod Unlocked

Game modes

At Gemstone Legends, we can just play alone. The premise of the game is the single player mode, yet the creation offers restricted organization usefulness – along with different players we can make a society whose level and measurements will increment as the advancement of individual individuals is made (on account of which we access new chances).
Specialized angles

Gemstone Legends has a nice, two-dimensional visual communication that is principally founded close by drawn delineations. Drawings of individual characters and places are kept up in very exemplary high dream style (this show incorporates the universe of Forgotten Realms, known from Baldur’s Gate arrangement) and are incompletely energized (in certain circumstances you can see for instance light sources held by the legend). The entire thing looks sound and gives a decent impression.

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