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The description of Giant Solitaire


Play solitaire!
Solitaire is also known as بازی یک نفره in Persian, and सॉलिटेयर in Hindi. There are various solitaire games in the world of solitaire. Solitaire is an amazing game and all it’s versions. Free solitaire game on your phone. Play solitaire which is one of the best free solitaire games.

Giant Solitaire is a two deck card game of Klondike family.

Download now this amazing solitaire card games.

– 7+ Card Themes
– 7+ Backgrounds
– Smart AI

Giant Solitaire App Unlocked
Giant Solitaire App Unlocked
Giant Solitaire App Unlocked

Object of the game: The object of this game is to move all 104 cards to the eight foundations, building up in suit from Ace to King


  • Shuffle two decks of cards and deal eight cards, which will form the tableau columns. Any Aces should be played to the foundations.

Game Procedure

  • Build the tableau piles down in alternating colors.
  • The card on top of each tableau column may be moved to another tableau column or to the foundations.
  • Card sequences may be moved to another tableau column.
  • If a space is created on the tableau, fill it with any single card or card sequence.
  • When no moves are possible, deal another eight cards from the stock to the tableau and continue playing.
  • No redeals are permitted.

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