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Kongardion App Mod Unlocked

Kongardion App Mod Download

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The portrayal of Kongardion

Kongardion is an anecdote about great and malevolence, the mental fortitude of the superb Guild, defending the harmony and serenity of Algim, that liberally brushed with the most delectable sauce of the best RPG conventions.

Kongardion App Mod Unlocked
Kongardion App Mod Unlocked
Kongardion App Mod Unlocked

Joining the Guild you will get:

  1. The main mission of your life, more than 1,000 animal’s destiny relies upon this.
  2. Individual weapons (a sharp blade for the Warrior, a solid bow for an Archer, an automatic rifle for the Magician).
  3. Indeed, or the staff.
  4. Information and plans for making your individual gear and materials (progressed create framework).
  5. Transport Stone, that permits you to re-visitation of the chose travel point or to the current purpose of your movement (extremely easy to utilize, in any event, for a Warrior).
  6. Admittance to the mystery aptitudes that improve your specialization in the Guild (creating of your abilities and capacities).
  7. Invaluable and smart insight: on the off chance that you see the piece on the floor, put the stone on it. Shockingly, stones are not given by the Guild (a wide scope of enigmas and snags in the game).
  8. The eminent melodic backup at each level.
  9. Also, whatever else…
    In any case, Brace Yourself, you will meet the most startling monsters and areas on your way.

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