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Kung Fu Z Apk Mod

Size: 5,7 MB | Version: v1.9.18 | File Type: APK | System: Android

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Speaking of kung fu, Bruce Lee cannot be ignored. He is an American, Chinese, and one of the largest martial arts figures in the world. With fast and powerful attacks, there is not a single opponent that can knock him down. Although his life was so short, what he left was glittering, and he fell into the list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century. Ever wanted to be? a martial artist like you? Join Kung Fu Z and start building your martial arts career, following Bruce Lee’s unfinished path.

Kung Fu Z Apk Mod
Kung Fu Z is a role-playing game, with a plot revolving around the life of Zak and the zombies. Dr. Z, the crazy doctor has been studying a new biological weapon, and anyone who has been exposed to the drug has become a blood-thirsty zombie. He brought the drug into the city’s underground water, causing everyone to mutate. Zak realizes his evil intentions, but the spread of the drug is so fast that he can not stop it. Now, he alone will have to fight all these zombies and finally kill the Z Z before he destroys the entire human race.

Classic arcade action and crazy combat with an idle twist!

You will be transformed into a Zak. Your task is to repel all the zombies that are appearing everywhere with kung fu and your power. In this dangerous journey, you can collect equipment and upgrade your heroes while unlocking new skills.

Kung Fu Z Apk Mod
The game provides a powerful boss system for you to conquer, try to develop character and accumulate experience to be able to win the final. If you find it difficult sometimes, do not worry. Your teacher is always by his side; he will give you the advice to help you. Besides, the game has many support items such as weapons or armor, which will help you more confident in the battle.

Kung Fu Z MOD is an extremely fun RPG game. If you are a martial artist or just looking for fun in your spare time, download this game. Besides, you’ll love the 8-bit graphics of Tiny Titan Studios. Although not the sharpest 3D quality, the details in the game are beautifully designed, more space is quite light, suitable for many models of the old life

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