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The depiction of Lord of Heroes


My name is Seong-kuk Yun, and I’m the head of Lord of Heroes.

Notwithstanding the screen captures, recordings, and different insights concerning the game that we’ve shared, I needed to likewise give you a look in the background into our expectations and vision for the game.

Lord of Heroes App Mod
Lord of Heroes App Mod
Lord of Heroes App Mod

Games can be just something you appreciate when you’re exhausted or have the opportunity to murder, however they can likewise motivate and impact you in manners that books, TV, online recordings, and other media can’t.

At the point when I state that, I talk for a fact; I turned into a game designer on account of the games that motivated me.

The most cherished and profoundly venerated games consistently figure out how to show us something new in the midst of the recognizable, which is actually what we needed to do with Lord of Heroes.

As opposed to have players venture into the function of an unassuming saint who spares the world, we chose to have players assume the part of a ruler who upsets a fallen world.

When planning our characters, we needed to try not to cause them to appear to be excessively brutal or sexual, and rather center around variety and singularity.

Concerning the ongoing interaction, we attempted to plan the game such that players could advance without investing a lot of energy playing.

A few people probably won’t care for the game for not having interesting or vicious substance, or for not needing the entirety of your time.

Nonetheless, we trust in the game to be one that you can undoubtedly acquaint with your loved ones, and one that will be a characteristic piece of—not a snag to—your regular day to day existence.

We are consistently open to proposals and input, and will do everything we can to improve and refine the game.

We trust you’ll go along with us on this excursion.

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