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Merge Animals App’s overview
Merge Animals is a casual puzzle game with merged gameplay. The objective is to defeat the witch, save all the small animals, build castles for animals, and restore their paradise by combining objects using different skills and the player’s wisdom.
A fairy paradise for animals exists, where all animals live in harmony and happiness. When an evil witch discovered this utopia, she ruined it and kidnapped all of the animals.
Your goal is to use different tactics to lead all animals to overcome the evil witch and reclaim their homeland. Acting with all creatures, sharpening your wits.

Merge Animals Apk Mod Unlocked
Merge Animals Apk Mod Unlocked
Merge Animals Apk Mod Unlocked

The merger process would necessitate a wide range of abilities. You will unlock new things and face new challenges each time you rescued an animal. Don’t get complacent; the more locks you unlock, the more powerful the witch becomes. If you’ve completed the challenges, you’ll be able to reclaim the animals’ homeland and restore an Animal Park.
Download Merge Animals as soon as possible. Take on the task of defeating the wicked witch for the sake of Zoo Utopia and the animal kingdom!
Alpaca, sloth, parrot, mouse, ostrich, panda, and penguin are among the animals caught by the witch. Each of them is a lovely young lady with a distinct personality and life purpose. To collect and unlock items, combine them!

Violet villa, log villa, bud palace, acorn palace, moon stone palace, bamboo garden, and ice cream palace are some of the animal castles. Every single small animal has its own exclusive castle. Gather them and grant their wishes!
More trends are being changed on a regular basis. Thank you very much for your interest in Merge Animals.

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