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The depiction of Omega Legends

Omega Legends is a science fiction fight royale shooter set soon where the game known as “Ω” has surprised the world! Select a Hero and utilize their capacities to overcome the opposition. Decide to battle alone or collaborate with companions in exceptional fights with 100 members. Chase down foes, construct guards, or adopt a covert strategy, take the necessary steps to be the last one standing!

Particular Heroes with Unique Abilities

Legends with remarkable capacities to suit distinctive playstyles. Any Hero is equipped for ruling the front line in the correct hands! Regardless of whether you incline toward covertness, surge assaults, mending, or cautious play, there is consistently a Hero that matches and improves your system. Utilize the Heroes’ capacities at fortunate minutes to pick up the high ground in each match!

Fight Players Around the World in Diverse Modes

Play in an assortment of modes! Battle to be the last player remaining in the exemplary Survival Mode, or outsmart and outlive your rivals in the all-new Covert Operation!

Omega Legends App Mod
Omega Legends App Mod
Omega Legends App Mod

Enormous Scale Multiplayer Battles on Dynamic Maps

Excellent guides fill in as backgrounds for enormous scope fights. The landscape changes throughout fight to give a vivid encounter! Experience the imaginative game mode, Covert Operation, where the way to triumph is to dispose of every foe with one conclusive stroke.

A Multitude of Items and Realistic Gunplay

Look over a wide assortment of guns displayed after genuine weapons, each with unmistakable characteristics for interesting shooting encounters! Utilize a wide assortment of things available to you, including profoundly ruinous Fragmentation Grenades, Flashbangs and Smoke Grenades to upset perceivability, and unpredictable Landmines that can be covered up.

Reasonable and Fun Experience

Omega Legends is upgraded to give smooth interactivity on most gadgets. Our enemy of cheat framework and no-weapon-selling strategy maintain reasonable rivalry.

Speedy Matchmaking or Team Up with Friends

Bounce into the activity with snappy matchmaking or make custom rooms to collaborate with your companions!

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