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The description of Pawn Shop Master

Can you become a Pawn Star King! Run your very own shop and try to spot hidden gems from customers. People are lining up to make a deal. Use your bargaining skills to get the price as low as possible before you buy it off of them. Be careful though because some items are fakes! Can you spot the differences before you make a purchasing mistake?

Line your business with gold, antique guns, jewelry, art – whatever you can get your hands on to make a profit. Will you become the most famous Pawn Store in the city? In this game, only one person comes out a winner in these traders – and that person is you! Embrace that silver tongue of yours and convince people that they have to make this deal. They are desperate for the money and only you can provide what they are looking for. Let’s make a deal!

Pawn Shop Master App Mod
Pawn Shop Master App Mod
Pawn Shop Master App Mod

Game Features:

  1. Make the right choice!
    How good are your observational skills? Do you have the innate ability to spot the diamond in the rough?
  2. Many items to Pawn
    So many unique and cool items for you to buy, sell and collect
  3. Fun for the whole family
    This game is fun for everyone. No matter who you are – everyone like ripping a deal.
  4. The art of a good deal
    Harder than it looks – try not to get swindled by our expert con artists

Whether you are a fan of puzzlers, word games, trivia games, quiz games, brain teasers, or you just like collecting items, then Pawn Shop Master is the game for you! Everyone better be careful of you.


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