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The ‘Best Game of 2020 Google Play Indie Games Festival’ Redbros App overview The best mobile game you’ve been waiting for is finally out!
‘Red Bros’ is a puzzle adventure action game that you use gestures to play.
No more auto-play games that leave you bored – directly command your army with your own fingertips!
They’re going to be more than happy to obey your orders.
Get into the Tower, save the heroes your enemies have captured, and beat the Skeleton King with them!

Using a motion to guide the troops

With your finger, just draw any shape.
Your soldier is going to get into whatever formation you draw.
Come up with your own strategies and formation!
With a single swipe, you can manage more than 20 heroes!
Using two split fingers and send the troops to various locations.
Victory is at your hands (literally)!

About traps?
Into the pit, lure them!

Typically, traps are just plain irritating…
Yet things are different here.
To your own benefit, you can use traps.
Stop the traps, and instead of you, get your enemies in them!
Well done. Well done.
I’m talking about that!

Redbros Apk Mod Unlocked
Redbros Apk Mod Unlocked
Redbros Apk Mod Unlocked

Various puzzles!

To stop the heroes, the Skeleton King set up a variety of puzzles in his Castle.
But for you, it’s going to be a slice of cake, am I right?
It’s, I’m sure, nothing for… OOPS!
Hurry, if you waste too much time, the traps will set off!

Incredible Spells!

Uh, meteors!
Uh, arrows!
Teleportation and Bombs!
Get a number of spells and destroy all of your enemies at once!
Drag and drop your spells wherever you like, and they’ll be turned on!
Yup, just that way!
Using the Meteor to get 10 monsters at once!
Really good! Very good!
Wait, where are you being transported to!?

So many heroes are there to choose from!

In Red Bros, there are a total of 47 heroes!
They’ll follow your orders with various skills and weapons.
Meet and make your best troop with solid, unique heroes!
Definitely, you’ll find heroes that suit your style.

A Hundred Stages?
No, there’s one, there’s more, MORE!

For your enjoyment, we’ve prepared more than 100 stages.
On your way, complete missions and make your troops stronger.
Every month, we will add new levels, so don’t worry and keep playing this game for a long time.
We promise we will do our utmost to hold you as long as you want to be entertained.


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