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The depiction of Save The Girl

The dubious and loosening up puzzle game you’ve been seeing this time is at last a reality! Just the sharpest will have the option to explain these cerebrum mystery tests to spare the young lady from the miscreants pursuing her! Each level will give you a situation that you should utilize your IQ and mind to unravel. Tackle the amusing test effectively and the lady will continue on. Fail to understand the situation, at that point it won’t end well for our courageous woman.
Remain in and play the most irresistible and fulfilling game. Feel the satisfaction of tackling amusing and troublesome issues and shielding the young lady from mischief’s way. Utilize that huge cerebrum of yours and we should get to tackling!

Save The Girl App Mod Unlocked
Save The Girl App Mod Unlocked
Save The Girl App Mod Unlocked

Game Features:

  1. Try not to get tricked!
    Each level presents you with numerous decisions – make the correct responses to continue. Wrong answers will bring about excruciating however amusing results to the young lady!
  2. Endless levels to play
    Each level is remarkable. So a wide range of difficulties for you to explain.
  3. A good time for the entire family
    Everyone can play Save the Girl. On the off chance that you get befuddled – request help from your loved ones! No disgrace in doing whatever important to tackle these mind boggling puzzles.
  4. Straightforward and Addicting Gameplay
    When you start you will need to continue tackling the impending riddles. This is the best puzzler out there!
  5. It is that game from those promotions

Truly, it really is.
Regardless of whether you are an aficionado of puzzlers, word games, question and answer contests, test games, cerebrum mysteries, or simply need to make some great memories, at that point Save the Girl is the game for you! Would you be able to shield her from hurt?

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