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Tales of Wind Apk+Mod Unlocked

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The description of Tales of Wind

The collaboration of Tales of Wind and EVANGELION is offcially launched!
Protect Laplace with Evangelions from invasion of the “Angels”!

Follow us and get more informations and rewards:

Welcome, the anointed one,

La Place, the city favored by divines is under shadow of disasters these days.
We need your ability to discover reality behind and bring the light back once more.
An activity MMORPG with adorable characters and alleviating experience

  • Customize yourself with huge loads of outfits
  • Capture and travel with adorable pets and mounts
    Prepare Cards of force and change now
  • Defeat ground-breaking beasts and seal them in soul Cards which award you prevalent force
  • Transform into beasts to utilize their ground-breaking abilities.
Tales of Wind Apk Mod Unlocked
Tales of Wind Apk Mod Unlocked
Tales of Wind Apk Mod Unlocked

Collaborate with your companions to investigate a tremendous world

  • Well-planned PVE prisons require great group Co-activity
    Huge loads of inventive ongoing interaction modes
  • Racing, shooting, test and in excess of 20 diverse easygoing modes
    Meet your ordained sentiment in your experience
  • Encounters your perfect partner in the excursion
  • Complete the 2-Players errands with your astuteness and mental fortitude
  • Pledge to adore in the congregation with the cleric
  • Manage the flawless ranch just for both of you
    Worth yourself and enable the realm
  • Complete the realm missions with players everywhere on the world to advance the course of history
    Battle for the honor of organization
  • Defeat different organizations with system and force in GVG fights
  • Party, banquet and test occasions, make the most of your society existence with friends
    Allow the breeze to tell your fearless stories
  • Show your mental fortitude and abilities in Real-time PVP Arena
  • Make your own world class group and battling for triumph.
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