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The portrayal of Tongits Wars

The most energizing rummy game ever! Control your karma by doing key and unequivocal activities and feigning like in Poker or Pusoy.
Game is typically played utilizing the standard 52-card deck. The objective is to deliver all the hand cards or to limit the complete worth when a Fight is called or when the deck is exhausted.
On each turn, a player can:
1) Pick Up or Fight:
Toward the beginning of your turn, you can either Pick Up a card or call a Fight on the off chance that you want to win the round.
You can Pick Up a card from the Deck or you can Grab a card from the Dump heap if that card can coordinate your hand cards to shape a Set.
2) Drop a Set or potentially Block a player
You may put a Set on the table to empower you to Fight on your next turn.
You may associate a card to another player’s Set to Block them from Fighting.
3) Dump a card
By and large, you should dispose of the most noteworthy worth card that won’t almost certainly make a set to end your turn.
You will win on the off chance that you have:
1) delivered or associated every one of your cards (TONGITS)
2) the most reduced hand when the deck is purged (NO CARDS LEFT)
3) the most reduced hand an incentive in a FIGHT
Fundamental Rules:

  • You don’t have to put a Set on the table until another person has except if you need to Fight on your next turn
  • You should have a Set on the table before you can call a Fight or Challenge somebody calling a Fight (you are as yet permitted to challenge on the off chance that you have a Special Set in your grasp, 4-of-a-Kind or 5-card Straight Flush)
  • If you have a low hand esteem or don’t figure you can create a set you can call a battle and attempt win the round
  • If you place a card on a player’s Set (counting yourself), that will Block the player from calling a Fight for one round.
  • You have to win two rounds straight to win the Jackpot.
    For Ties on Hand Values:
    In the event that at least two players are tied, player with the most noteworthy position wins.
    1) FIGHT – the last Challenger will consistently win. The Fighter is positioned #3, the following player to the privilege is #2 and the following one is #1.
    2) NO CARDS LEFT – Last player to get card is positioned #1, the following player to the privilege is #2 and the following one is #3.
    Play online with companions, worldwide players, unique A.I. characters or play disconnected to rehearse your abilities.
    Level up, beat world records and addition accomplishments to turn into a Legendary Tongits Warrior!
Tongits Wars App Mod Unlocked
Tongits Wars App Mod Unlocked
Tongits Wars App Mod Unlocked

Highlight LIST:
✓ VIP Club with premium advantages
✓ Customize-capable Game Rules
✓ Offline Mode (Practice Game)
✓ Basic Game (versus A.I. Characters) with Auto-Save
✓ Public Battle Game (Multi-player) with Auto-Join and Auto-Resume
✓ Friends Battle Game (Multi-player versus FB Friends)
✓ Buddy Invitation and FB Friend Referral System
✓ Collect and send endowments, send and get messages
✓ Player Profile, Statistics, All-time Best records, Leaderboards
✓ Game Bonus (Welcome Bonus, FB Connect Bonus, Daily Bonus, Legacy Bonus, Mega Bonus, Referral Bonus and Video Chips Bonus)
✓ Detailed End Game Result and Payout Details
✓ Mega Jackpots (Lucky Aces/Grand Tongits) and Tong Jar
✓ Select/Tap/Drag Interface with Smart Action indicating, AutoSort and mastermind cards

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