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Trials of Heroes Idle RPG Apk Mod Unlocked

Trials of Heroes Idle RPG Apk Mod Download

Size: 5.25 MB | Version: v2.5.29| File Type: APK | System: Android

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Trials of Heroes App’s overview
Trials of Heroes, a brand new mobile game, is an action-packed fantasy RPG with huge hero summoning and epic idle gameplay. In the championship arena, you can compete against over 1 million other players from around the world for glory.

[Idle Battle Gameplay] is a feature of the game.
Auto-battle mode is now available!
You don’t have time to fight and practice every minute, but you desperately need money to level up?
Try out the offline auto mode whenever and wherever you want! With your heroes, you will explore steppes, marshes, labyrinths, and other dungeons while engaging in never-ending fights. Your heroes will continue to fight for you even though you go offline for a while!

[Calling in Massive Heroes]
In your set, you’ll find over 100 awesome heroes and monsters from six different races! For their fancy outfit and evolutionary ability, upgrade and strengthen their power and special abilities, craft and forge ultimate arms and equipments!
Gather as many as possible!
[Assemble the Right Team and Plan of Attack]
It depends who you bring to the war. For a sure victory, assemble the right strike force and wisely choose a formation of five strong heroes.

Trials of Heroes Idle RPG Apk Mod Unlocked
Trials of Heroes Idle RPG Apk Mod Unlocked
Trials of Heroes Idle RPG Apk Mod Unlocked

[Fight alongside your allies all over the world]
Make new friends from all over the world, improve your Guild Skills in the Academy for prizes, earn rewards from Mine orders, win increasing rewards by defeating various guild bosses, and take part in a week-long Guild Campaign with guild members. Make it to the finals for a chance to win!
[In the Arena, Demonstrate Your Skills]
Arena hosts one-of-a-kind championships and elite trials. Arrange the squad wisely, beat opponents from around the world, and always strive to be first!
Now is the time to summon your hero and embark on an epic journey through this mysterious and unknown territory!

[Idle Style] [More Than Idle] [More Than Idle] [Mor
Climb the Dark Tower for nonstop challenges, complete Tavern quests from different heroes, launch an all-out assault in the Burning Crusade, forge legendary weapons for your heroes, beat Dark Forest Bosses for special rewards, and participate in various Raids for additional rewards! There’s more fun material to be discovered!

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