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WildCraft Animal Sim Online 3D Apk Unlocked Download

WildCraft Animal Sim Online 3D Apk Download

Size: 5,7 MB | Version: v13.2 | File Type: APK | System: Android

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Explore nature as a wild animal and raise a family in the wilderness in Wildcraft, a new RPG adventure set in a huge 3D landscape!

Start your adventure as a wolf, fox, lynx and more, and take your family on a new adventure. Play with friends in multiplayer games and form animal families to protect your cubs from enemies. Unlock new animal breeds as your family legacy grows in Wildcraft!

WildCraft Animal Sim Online 3D Apk Unlocked
Choose Animal Breeds
Start your adventure as a:
And more!
Raise a Family
Animal simulator: Customize each family member by name, gender, fur color, bark, eyes, body size, and more!
Raise a family: Have up to six cubs per family and continue your legacy.
Animal simulator lets you leave your current family to start a new one.
WildCraft Animal Sim Online 3D Apk Unlocked
Explore a 3D World
Explore the world and travel to unique locations.
Adventure the wild and survive the elements in summer, winter, spring and fall.
Battle Enemies
Battle dangerous enemies as a wild animal and protect your family.
Unlock fighting achievements after defeating specific enemies.
WildCraft Animal Sim Online 3D Apk Unlocked
Online Adventure Games
Play with friends, explore the world and battle enemies.
Battle enemies with friends to effectively protect your family.
Raise a family as one of your favorite wild animals and explore a huge 3D world. Join friends to battle more enemies, or take them on alone to make your adventure more challenging in Wildcraft.
Download today to play as a wolf, fox, lynx and more!

WildCraft 13.2_powervr Update

2020-04-17 New Japanese Forest location.
Introducing new Ranking System to progress through the game.
New Underwater den.
New transformation: hyena!
Legendary skins and actions for gazelle transformation.
New japanese-style den items.
WildClub, eagle skins, crocodile pet, and new clothes for a crocodile.

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